Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thank You and Good Bye, Juan!

If every Chelsea Fans were being asked about Juan Mata, they would obviously explained countless pleasant things about him, especially, both of his decisive corners kick in UCL Final 2012 and UEL Final 2013 in the end of 90 minutes that brought Two Famous European trophies in our cabinet in a row!  It also made him as Chelsea’s Player of The Year in two occasion in a row! Starting from those moments, pretty sure that every Chelsea Fans thought that he would be high as among our legend, like what has happened with Didier Drogba, John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Petr Cech. And I thought, personally, he would become far better when The Special One was coming back to Bridge. 

But the things were going differently. Mourinho prefers to use his prominent style once he arrived at Chelsea for the second time. With 4-2-3-1 formation, he only needs “One Special Playmaker” and come with two fast and tactital wingers who prefers to play direct ball or run with the ball and sometimes perform cut inside. He didn’t want to use two typical Playmakers for his game plan. Besides Mata, Chelsea still has another figure as Playmaker, Oscar, talented player from South America. So, Mourinho broke the infamous trios, Mata-Hazard-Oscar, and started to decide whether Mata or Oscar as his special Playmaker. 

At that time, Mourinho chose Oscar over Mata because of injury problems. But Oscar continued to perform brilliantly from time to time even after Juan Mata had comeback from his injury. By this condition, Juan started to fall behind Oscar during Mourinho’s period and always occupied Chelsea’s Bench since then. Through that period, I am pretty sure that every Chelsea Fans had miserable feeling since Juan Mata started to fill Chelsea’s Bench regularly. In one side, we want to see Juan on the pitch, in another side we also trust with what Mourinho did with the team. Basically, as Chelsea Fans, we love Jose Mourinho as well. He was the one who created Chelsea’s pillars so we can be recognized as among the strongest club in Europe nowadays. And Mourinho also proved that with his styles, current Chelsea is more stable compared with Chelsea in last two seasons.

Afterwards, everyone started to think what would going to happen with Juan Mata, by reckoning the countdown of World Cup 2014 and tense competition inside Spanish National Team Squad. In the meantime, media also blew up the issues that cause Mata’s situation became worse than ever. As fans, It is so compassionate to see a quality player like Mata, has to sit on the Bench REGULARLY. Personally, as Chelsea Fans, I’d like to see Mata-Hazard-Oscar trio to comeback. The only way to make it come true is Mata should try to adapt himself to become fast and tactical winger instead of being Playmaker which has already booked by Oscar.

However, when the Winter Transfer Window was started, the rumors and issues of Mata’s Departure became so intense and thunderous. He has been connected to several European elite clubs like Man. United, B. Munich, and Juventus. And when high-remarkable offer from United came to lure Mata to land at Old Trafford, the thing was going to out of my expectations. Mourinho just couldn’t cope with the truth that Unsettled Mata wanted to leave shortly. And now, we just need to count the days until Mata pass his medical test and will be unveiled in United’s Press Conferences.

As Chelsea Fans, it is really hard to let him go to our rival, after everything he has done for the club. I think this feeling is the same feeling that happened in Madridista when they realized Ozil had to leave Bernabeu. But obviously, it might be the best for two sides as well. It is the best way to appreciate what Mata has done for club and to save the rest of his career. He will always be remembered in Chelsea history, and now, we have to move on and rely on to The Special One and amazing squad that we have today.

What Juan would do for United?

Everything! He is obviously the one who needed by United, today! 

This season is hard for United. Since they have been left by their Legendary Manager, They seems couldn’t cope with their new Manager yet, David Moyes. In this season, no one has responsibility to dictate and to fashion United’s game style. They play hastily and with no system at all!! And it even became worse when RvP and Rooney have to be absent cause of injury.

With the signing of Mata, it would be a great boost for them, like what happen with Arsenal once Ozil landed at Emirates Stadium. With Mata’s natural ability as Playmaker, he is the right answer for the lack of creator in United’s midfield. With his presence, Wayne Rooney could be back in his natural position, striker, and they could perform RvP-Roo Duo as United’s Frontman. In the midfield, he would have talented-youngster companions like Januzaj and Welbeck.

Lastly, I’d suggest to Juan Mata to take the Number 7 Legacy in United. We all know that Number 7 in United is sacred. In many chances, Number 7 Holder in United is the one who has already become a star, savior, influence player, decisive player, and everything for United’s History. With everything that lied on Juan Mata, he really deserves to carry the sacred legacy that had already been on George Best, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo before. He might be the missing savior that United’s looking for during these recent years.

Thank you for everything and wish you all the best with United, Juan!

Humble greeting from Indonesia,

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